Our Top 6 Interior Design Tips For Decorating Your Home

Our Top 6 Interior Design Tips For Decorating Your Home

Decorating your home, for some people, is an exciting and creative journey where you get to design a space which is uniquely you, and one that makes you feel at home. For others, embarking on an interior décor project is daunting, causing anxiety and confusion. We have gathered our top six interior design tips and tricks for you to think about when decorating your home (or office). Have a look below and hopefully, they will help you in making some great choices when it comes to your décor.
1. Small spaces? No problem! Use softer, lighter paint to make smaller rooms feel larger.

If you have a smaller room or space which you love and would just like to give it an airy, spacious feel, grab some soft pastel paint in a white/just off-white shade to create the illusion of space. Even a small room with quite a lot of furniture can be “enlarged” just by using lighter paint on the walls, letting a lot of natural sunlight in through the windows, and utilising mirrors to add even more depth.

2. Something old. Something new.

Don’t let yourself be hampered by the idea that if you have a modern space, every item in that space, from furniture to accessories, needs to be modern too. Bringing some older, even antique pieces, into a modern space (or vice versa) can create both interesting focal features, as well as an individuality to the space that is truly unique. Play with textures and fabrics too – a beautiful thick knit throw on a leather couch can add warmth and character (as well as being useful on chilly winter nights).

3. Be creative with your wall décor – that doesn’t mean paintings!

Wall art does not need to be traditional framed paintings. Use items you already have to create unique, eye-catching features on your walls. If you have odd plates or saucers from sets that are no longer complete, why not create a feature wall of interesting ceramics? If you need to add to your collection, you can always go to thrift or second-hand stores (or market stalls), to find some beautiful pieces. Drift wood can also be a beautiful way to bring natural (and inexpensive) elements into your home.

4. Bring nature into your home.

Adding plants to your living spaces brings beautiful natural colours and textures to your home, while also being a lot more cost-effective than shop-bought décor. Do a little research and find out which plants assist with absorbing harmful pollutants and removing harmful gases from the air – it’s a win win situation. Living walls are also becoming more and more popular and you can purchase some great self-watering, hydroponic systems now which makes maintenance super easy.

5. Don’t forget about your curtains!

Curtains don’t need to subtly blend into the décor of your room. Make them features using bright colours, bold patterns and different styles to enhance the rest of the décor in the space. Curtains give a great opportunity to get creative, whether it’s with the colour and fabric, different styles (see here for the different curtain styles we offer), starting at the ceiling for a dramatic effect or even using both blinds and curtains to create depth to your window treatments.

6. Go geometric

In keeping with the mixing and matching theme, using geometric shapes or patterns in some of the items of your room décor can really add a contrasting yet complementary element to an otherwise “soft” room. Whether you use an angled bookshelf, a geometric pattern in your curtains or rug, or hang a striking, abstract piece of art on the wall, using angles and strong lines can really add a different dimension to your space.

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