ShaziCazi has teams of professional curtain installers who will ensure that your curtains are hung precisely and quickly, using only high-quality hardware and accessories.

ShaziCazi provides complete project management of all of our product installations, from hanging curtains and installing blinds, to decor placement.

The quality of the installation of curtains and blinds can sometimes be just as important as the quality of the manufacture, in that if they are installed incorrectly, there could be hassles further down the line. ShaziCazi manages the onsite installations of all of our products to ensure the integrity of the hardware and trimmings. Our exceptional attention to detail ensures you will never have a curtain or blind hung that is not 100% level, and that pelmets and rods will always be secured properly so you never have to worry about them falling down or coming loose.

We supply all the correct hardware and trimmings required for a sound installation. ShaziCazi only works with the best quality hardware, ensuring your rods and rails will never bend or break and that your blinds will always be easy to open and close. We proudly install the products we personally manufacture at our in-house workroom, so we have complete confidence that they will fit perfectly when brought to your home or office for installation.

Our installation services include, but are not limited to:

Sourcing specific rails, rods and end pieces to suit your space

Supply of all rods, rails, pelmets, screws etc. for a sound installation

Onsite installation with a professional, skilled team

Accurate measuring and level placement

Strong, durable installations

Our installation teams work quickly and neatly, and we will always have a project manager onsite to oversee any job. A beautiful curtain or blind can be completely ruined by a bad installation, so rather choose to have them professionally hung by a company with 30 years of experience. You want the focus to be on your new investment, not on how badly it has been installed.

Contact us on +27 (0)11 026 9600, email us or fill in the short form on the right to discuss your project with one of our consultants and we can take it from there.

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