Some Benefits of Using Natural Materials in Your Home Decor

Some Benefits of Using Natural Materials in Your Home Decor

Using natural materials in your home décor is a trend that is gaining in popularity for both being eco-friendly and sustainable, but also because nature provides some of the most beautiful textures and patterns, while also being relatively cost-effective. Whether you are working in a modern space or a more homely living area, woods, granites, concretes and metals can complement any spaces. Below, we explore the benefits of using natural materials in your indoor spaces.
1. Beauty. Beauty. Beauty.

Natural materials have been “in fashion” since the beginning of time, and for good reason. If left in their natural state (not painted or stained), they provide beautiful neutrals to work with and add a touch of luxury to any space. Wood, marble, clay and terracotta come in virtually any colour which will complement any colour palette you choose to work with. Mixing it up with a variety of natural materials in once space also adds an interesting dimension to your overall look and feel. Get creative!

2. They’re good for you. No, really.

Choosing to use natural materials actually have a health benefit too. Manufacturers are becoming more and more aware of the impact of building supplies and a lot of artificial materials have been found to have a negative impact on our well-being in many ways. With materials designed by nature, you can rest assured that surrounding yourself with them, you will be doing no harm to your body. On top of that, some research has shown evidence that natural products actually have a beneficial effect on mental health too!

3. They can last a lifetime

Of course, it makes sense that materials created by nature will be hardwearing and have a longevity far superior to that of man-made items. You know that dining room table that was your great-great-great grandmothers? Yes, it’s still standing. You can enjoy peace of mind when purchasing a piece of furniture in a natural material, even if it is a little more costly than the artificial alternative, you will be using it for many, many more years than a man-made item.

4. They suit any style

What’s also great about using natural materials is that they don’t limit you. Whether your design style is more modern minimalist (think concrete and metal) or more rustic (think wood and terracotta), you will find a natural material to suit your style. Natural materials add wonderful character to your spaces, while still complementing your modern stove and oven (for example). Your options are almost endless when it comes to where and how you use natural materials to enhance your home. Contact us to find out what custom-made furniture we can manufacture for you in the natural material of your choice.

5. Sustainability is key

We are realising more and more than sustainable options for everything from home décor, to packaging to building materials is more important than ever. There are so many options on the market now for sustainable materials, from being locally produced to (even better) reclaimed or recycled building and décor materials, that you really are spoilt for choice. Another benefit to this is that if you look for them, you can find incredible reclaimed natural products for a fraction of the cost of new (and artificial) ones.

The benefits of using natural materials in your home decor far outweigh using artificial, man-made options. If you would like some advice when it comes to what materials to incorporate into your home, contact us on, call us on +27 (0)11 026 9600, or have a look in the sidebar on the right for our short enquiry form.

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